10 Unexpected Ways a CPR or First Aid Certification Can Make Your Life Better

Life is always unpredictable; anything can happen in a heartbeat. A heart attack, a cardiac arrest, syncope or drowning may cause death in an instant. You possibly ask yourself “yes, but what can I do?” and when an emergency happens, we start worrying and feeling helpless. The real answer is, there are numerous things that you can do, and they matter. A CPR and first aid certification can change your life and others’ unexpectedly. Keep reading, and you will see how.

1. You can be your family’s hero

We all love our families; we would never expect something happens to our kids or parents, but unfortunately, heart attacks just happen anywhere and anytime. An eighty percent of cardiac arrests occur at home. Time is vital, and every minute the ambulance delays arriving home is a minute lost. Empowering yourself by taking a CPR and first aid certification course will allow you to save your loved ones’ lives and benefit from every minute while the experts arrive.

2. Your work environment will be safer

At work, we see many people every day, and we do not know if they have a heart condition (sometimes, they do not even know). Everyone might be working on a regular day, and suddenly, he or she faints. CPR and first aid certification courses teach you exactly what to do in that situation. Your partners, your boss, and possibly the company you work for will always thank you for help.

3. Your CV will thank you

A CPR and first aid certification enhance some important skills, such as team working, leadership, and excellent communication. You can magnify and demonstrate these skills to your boss or when applying for a new job by including your CPR and first aid certification in your CV. If you wish to study a health-related career, this is a plus.

4. You will learn about stroke

The brain is one of the most affected organs when a heart attack occurs. If the heart stops beating, there will be no blood irrigating the brain, and if the blood flow is not restored within minutes, it will suffer irreversible damage. You will learn how to deliver chest compressions in a CPR and first aid certification, and this way you will know how to prevent brain damage.

5. No more panic

Fear is the most normal human feeling when an emergency occurs, but it is also the worst enemy when trying to perform an activity. A CPR and first aid certification will make you feel self-confident when taking first aid decisions.

6. You can save a life

There is a thin line between life and death when a cardiac arrest occurs. Heart attacks are the most common cause of death in the US. Obtaining a CPR and first aid certification will allow you to be very helpful when it comes to cardiac arrests and you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you saved a person’s life.

7. You will make the difference

A sudden cardiac arrest does not always end up in death. If the first aid team delays more than the expected time, the person possibly will live, but the more they delay, the more is the likelihood of permanent disability (heart or brain damage). CPR and first aid certification skills are a great start to make the difference and prevent people from being permanently disabled.

8. New skills

CPR and first aid certification courses teach new and different skills. For example, you will learn how to perform hands-only resuscitation, and you will learn how to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Yes, you will learn how to use cutting-edge lifesaving technologies, and you will also know what to do if not available. You will also learn how to identify a normal and abnormal pulse, normal and abnormal chest movements, and unusual maneuvers such as those utilized in drowning.

9. Life will look different

Life is not the same once you face death. It is hard to understand death and why it happens, but experiencing challenging and urgent situations is the only way to understand how delicate and important life is. If you choose to go through a CPR and first aid certification, you will get the necessary expertise to face others’ death and to be grateful for your life every day.

10. You will be special

CPR and first aid certification will make you a special person in the world. You will be empowered and possibly enable others to save lives. Despite the attempts to prevent heart attacks (for example, AED implementation in public places), only a thirty percent of patients having a cardiac arrest receives CPR early. Being part of the first aiders team will increase the percentage of people that benefit from CPR and first aid, and you will become part of those particular statistics.



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