The Top 10 Must Follow CPR and First Aid Experts on Twitter

If you went through a CPR and first aid certification or are interesting in learning CPR and first aid, there are some Institutions and Experts you definitely must follow on Twitter; they share actualizations, new techniques, recommendations and relevant facts about heart diseases. Here you can find the top 10 experts you definitely must follow.

1. AHA CPR & First Aid (@HeartCPR)

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the head institution in the US for teaching CPR and offers different kinds of resources for first aiders, doctors, and the general public. AHA is the official issuer of the best guidelines and practices when it comes to a CPR and first aid certification.

2. American Red Cross (@RedCross)

Red Cross is not only one of the most traditional public health institutions in the US, but it is the most famous organization in the world. Its staff mainly consists of experts in all medical specialties. You can also find some CPR and first aid certification courses, with over 550 locations in the US and also the possibility to take an online course. After completing the CPR course, you will obtain a digital certificate that will be valid for two years. Most of the documents, simulators and other online training materials are free.

3. American_Stroke (@American_Stroke)

The American Stroke Association forms part of the AHA. This organization specializes in stroke. Following them, you will understand better what stroke is, how to prevent it, the warning signs, and healthy lifestyle changes. You possibly ask yourself what does stroke have to do with CPR and first aid certification courses; it has pretty much to do with CPR training since a cardiac arrest or any heart disease can cause a stroke.

4. StAndrews First Aid (@StAFristAid)

It is a Scottish First Aid Institution. They have over 1171 adult volunteers and more than 350 young volunteers. It is one of the largest organizations in Europe since they offer many CPR and first aid certification courses, and support many important events around Europe to help people prevent heart disease related death.

5. Heart & Stroke (@TheHSF)

Do you live in Canada? This institution is your best option. Heart & Stroke has been enhancing Canada’s cardiovascular health for over 60 years. You can find several resources on its web pages, such as CPR manuals, some recommendations for survivors from cardiac diseases, or some tips to prevent heart disease (from exercise routines to tasty meal recipes). You will also find out how to take a CPR and first aid certification course and even how to become a CPR and first aid instructor.

6. AmerColl Cardiology (@ACCinTouch)

The American College of Cardiology provides the latest new about heart diseases, including those that cause death more often. You probably will not find as much information about CPR and first aid certification courses as in other websites, but you will find other resources, such as news and articles about cardiac arrests, CPR, and treatments for heart disease. If you work as a health professional or are a cardiology patient, you definitely must follow AmerColl Cardiology.

7. CardioSmart (@CardioSmart)

Before obtaining a CPR and first aid certification course, it is crucial to understand how heart disease happens. CardioSmart is an educational program created by the American College of Cardiology, and it shares many free articles about heart diseases, prevention information for patients, and some news about the heart. You can learn as much as you can following this site before taking a course.

8. European Cardiology (@escardio)

The ESC (European Society of Cardiology) is the most important heart organization in Europe; just as much as AHA is in the US. It aims to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease through prevention and appropriate resuscitation and treatment of coronary disease. If you visit ESC website, you will find information about CPR and first aid certification, news or different guidelines (if you are a health professional).

9. SCAA – Cardiac Arrest (@SCAA)

This non-profit organization puts together cardiac arrest survivors, patients at risk, and general interest in cardiac arrest and life-saving. The “Keep it beating” program teaches people how to save a life by performing CPR or using an AED. If interested, you may visit its website and request information about CPR and first aid certification courses, depending on your current situation.

10. CPR Near Me (@CPRNearMe)

Whether you want to learn CPR and first aid in a training center or you prefer to take an online course, CPR Near Me offers excellent options. You can just add your city and your zip code, and you will get a complete list of locations where you can get a CPR and first aid certification. You will also be able to take an online course and get certified online. Follow CPR Near me and you will see the latest news about training programs, resources and training tips.


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